Largest One Month S&P Declines and Subsequent 1Y, 3Y, and 5Y Returns

Given the magnitude of the S&P Sell-off in December 2018 (-9.03 %), we thought it would be instructive to examine past events of a similar magnitude. We selected all single month sell-offs since January 1950. Here is a table and graph of our findings.

No one can predict what the future holds but certainly as one wag put it, “we’ve been to this picture show before.” Large drops in equity prices over a one month horizon are a temptation to take drastic action. Investors tend to become emotionally involved with the market and it is difficult to remain disciplined. What is critical is that investors build portfolios that are resilient to market corrections and achieve the best long-term risk adjusted returns. We present the historical data for the reader’s own interpretation.

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