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Manager Analysis was founded in 2003 to fortify the investment capabilities of smaller institutional investors, so that they could invest with the same skill and diligence as large institutional investors.

Our business has two main branches: OCIO and Investment Consultant search services and Manager due diligence. We are distinguished from other search consultants because we conduct the same investment evaluation work as OCIOs and investment consultants. Thus, we are best positioned to determine which OCIOs and investment consultants are truly skilled at their work.

Our team consists exclusively of senior portfolio management and due diligence analysts, who have worked in senior positions at alternative asset firms, hedge funds, investment banks, and on nonprofit foundation Boards.  We facilitate implementation of each client’s fiduciary duties in our role as independent subject matter experts.  Our interests are 100% aligned with our clients. 

We have two primary services: 

OCIO Search and Evaluation

We are seeing increased strong interest in this service after some particularly difficult OCIO performances in ’22/’23. We assess the quality and effectiveness of your investment consultants and OCIOs.  In this important role, our expertise conducting due diligence on the same underlying investment strategies that your investment consultants and OCIOs engage in, gives us a distinct advantage over other “OCIO search consultants.” We can assess how well your OCIO/investment consultant builds your portfolios from the ground up since we evaluate investor funds from the ground up. 

 Investment Manager Due Diligence

Alternative Investment Manager Due Diligence, selection, and monitoring are the roots of our business. Recent trends in this market include experienced staff outsourcing components of their due diligence efforts to us, particularly for areas like operational due diligence or areas outside of their investment team’s core expertise.  We advise on investing in private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate partnerships, institutional agriculture, emerging markets, and traditional equity and fixed income strategies.  We help our clients improve their portfolio performance.  Our interests are always 100% aligned with you, the investor, and we do not receive compensation from the managers we evaluate.