Don’t Be Shy! Non-Investment Services an OCIO Can Offer You.

Governance Policies

  1. Periodic, formalized review of Investment Policy Statement (including ESG Investing)
  2. Addressing governance issues and increase efficiency of your Board or Committee
  3. Guidance as to evolving worlds of ESG and Impact Investing
  4. Recommendations as how to overcome any Board dysfunction
  5. Be a neutral “sounding board” for doing things differently or changing processes


  1. Providing ad-hoc investment reporting
  2. If some investments are held elsewhere (not with the OCIO, e.g. legacy assets), OCIO may be able/willing to include those positions with OCIO-managed assets and present holistic portfolio summary
  3. Accommodate your special file format needs, e.g. CSV or uploads to secure website
  4. Access to OCIO’s risk portal if it is offered to clients


  1. Provide guidance on special treatment needed for bespoke assets or alternatives held
  2. Help with Audit/IRS requests re: valuation or investment reporting
  3. Assistance if there are concerns about K-1 information/accuracy

Peer Networking

  1. Provide a sense of how peers approach a common issue or provide actual introductions
  2. Obtain information as to salary scales, job duties, size of specific departments, etc.
  3. Invitations to annual/OCIO investor events or industry seminars that may be of interest
  4. Provide research/book/website recommendations

Fund Raising

  1. Introduction to like-minded charities or orgs willing to make grants to the same causes
  2. Meet your donors to assure them that the corpus monies are being prudently invested
  3. Provide future projections of returns and budgets to provide support for a capital campaign

Evaluating/Selling Exotic Gifts Received

  1. Real estate gifts provide a challenge/interim liability between obtaining title and closing a sale
  2. More exotic asset classes such as cryptocurrency create special challenges to liquidate
  3. Art and Sculpture may require special insurance while an exit strategy is planned/effected


  1. If you wish to get recommendations for an open staff position at your organization
  2. Vendor recommendations (Outside Counsel, IT Security, Grant software, etc.)

The range of ancillary services varies widely across OCIO managers. The
team can help you achieve the best match from available OCIO providers to achieve your
specific needs.

Want to learn more?

Please contact Chris Cutler, Tom Donahoe, or Safia Mehta, at 917 287 9551 or 973 452 3992.

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