RVK, Angeles Land Top Spots on Greenwich Consultant Ranking – Again

By Aziza Kasumov April 29, 2020

“The best practice is to reach out as much as you possibly can in terms of communication,” says Chris Cutler, founder and president of Manager Analysis Services.


Overall, Cutler says, the results he’s seen from the consulting community have been much better than in past downturns and market crises.

“We are mostly seeing performance in line with what we would expect among larger consulting firms’ portfolios,” notes Cutler. The absence of “widespread severe surprises,” he adds, is a significant improvement from the experience during the great recession of 2008, in the lead up to which many consultants had been piling into strategies they did not understand.

Jumping into strategies they don’t fully grasp could still be a problem among some consultants, especially when it comes to volatility-selling and structured credit strategies, Cutler says. But most firms have become “more thoughtful.”