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Our Values

Our goal is to provide the highest quality investment talent in a cost-effective manner, to achieve the caliber and sophistication of the largest institutional investors without having their scale.
Actionable Advice is what we offer you.  We focus on framing the appropriate decision-making 
processes, to ensure that both clients and investment managers/project managers have their
expectations aligned.  Our objective, and our expertise, is to provide the best investment advice,
and to ensure that the advice can be practibly implemented by our clients.

• Independence allows us to offer advice to you that is free of any other economic incentives.
Diligence and Focus enable us to offer services in a manner and at a cost that are 
consistent with clients budgets, while seeking to assure that investment strategies are performing in 
line with expectations.

Customized Advice that we offer allows our recommendations to be directed toward their 
investment goals, rather than generalized according to what is most convenient for a consultant.

   • Responsiveness is what we deliver as we keep our clients apprised of our work together on a 
timely basis with sufficient details to enable effective oversight.

  We Pledge Strict Confidentiality with all the information, materials. goals, and concerns that you 
entrust to us.  

 We Utilize a Simple Contract form to codify agreements between Manager Analysis and its
clients.  The terms are always clear and direct and avoid the use of fine print.