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Services - OCIO Search and Evaluation

We take a disciplined, analytical approach to understand both the objectives of the institution, and the strengths of each OCIO manager. We have developed a multidimensional framework that enables us to better distinguish how each OCIO manager could be a best match for you.We provide unbiased advice on the choice between having in-house investment staff and/or outsourcing to OCIO firms.

We advise on the quality and effectiveness of in-house staff and help optimize performance, and we look at the suitability of selecting OCIO providers.  We conduct OCIO searches and evaluate each provider's fees and performance.  We conduct searches for in-house CIO and investment staff.  

MAS principals have served in leadership positions on Boards/Staff of a full range of non-profits and are uniquely suited to assist you.  We have lived the investment-decision making process. This informs our ability to assist you as you wrestle with both internal and external challenges.