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Services - Manager Diligence for Institutional Investors

Investment manager diligence, selection, and monitoring are the roots of our business, and we have conducted over 2,000 such reviews, since 2003.  Analyzing hedge funds—the most difficult aspect of investment consulting—is our original foundation. We now also advise on investing in private equity, real estate partnerships, institutional agriculture, emerging markets, and traditional equity and fixed income strategies.  We help our clients improve their portfolio performance.  Our interests are always aligned with the investor's interests, and we do not receive any compensation from managers we review or recommend. 



Following are strategies that MAS Analysts have assessed on behalf of clients:

Infrastructure Private Equity Venture Capital Hedge Funds
Power Healthcare Biotech Specialty Credit/ABL
LBO Edutech
Capital Structure Arb
Toll Roads Consumer Venture Credit CDO/CLO
Rail Mezzanine Financing Green Tech Commodities
Ports Middle Market Lending Fixed Income Convertible Arb
Airports CTA
    Corporate Deep Value
High Yield Middle Market Lending
Real Assets Traditional Equity Govt/Agency Distressed/Restructuring
Municipal Emerging Markets
Commercial Real Estate Value Agency MBS Event/Catalyst
Residential Real Estate Growth MBS derivative Global Macro
Industrial Real Estate GARP nonagency MBS Long/Short Equity
Office Real Estate Mid Cap International MBS arb
Agriculture--Row Crops Large Cap Emerging Markets Multistrategy
Agriculture--Permanent Crops Small Cap Bank Loans Muni Arb
Timber International CDO/CLO PIPE
Emerging Markets CMBS Sector Specialist
  Tax-Sensitive   Stat Arb/quant
Structured Credit
      Vol Arb