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Who We Are and What We Do


Manager Analysis Services, LLC [MAS] is an investment consulting firm, founded in 2003, that advises institutional clients on all aspects of their investment process, keeping discretion in the hands of the client.  Our team consists exclusively of senior portfolio management and due diligence veterans, who have worked in senior positions at alternative asset firms, hedge funds, investment banks, and nonprofit foundations.

Our clients drive our focus, and we have four primary efforts: 

Investment Manager Diligence, selection, and monitoring are the roots of our business. 

Analyzing hedge funds—the most difficult aspect of investment consulting—is our original foundation. We now also advise on investing in private equity, real estate partnerships, institutional agriculture, emerging markets, and traditional equity and fixed income strategies.  We help our clients improve their portfolio performance.  Our interests are always aligned with the investor, and we do not receive compensation from managers we recommend. 

OCIO Search and Evaluation for nonprofit institutions is core to our service offerings. Our principals have served as board directors for many nonprofit institutions, and we can advise on the most pressing challenges that these institutions may face.  We also assess the quality and effectiveness of in-house investment staff, and as required, look at the potential suitability of selecting OCIO providers.  We both conduct OCIO searches and monitor OCIO provider performance.  We also conduct searches for in-house CIOs and investment staff, and are unbiased on the choice between in-house staff and outsourcing.

For Family Office Advisory Services, we assist in managing tax-sensitive investment strategies, advise on estate and trust planning strategies, and assist in managing legal, accounting, and other key service providers.  We also advise family members in many aspects of their financial well-being.

Pension Assessments is an area where we have become involved at the request of clients.  We assess all aspects of the portfolio construction, hedging, stress scenarios, and consistency of funding levels.  We help assess that Trustees are ensuring their fiduciary duties.

We offer Assessments of ESG and Sustainable Investment Strategies to our clients.  Our team includes a leading senior analyst in this field and, unlike most experts in this area, we are not biased by the requirement to market an in-house asset management product.  You can benefit from independent, expert advise from us, without the cacophony of varying opinions and methodologies being pitched in the marketplace.


Our Clients  


Our clients are Foundations, Endowments, High-Net Worth Investors, Fund of Funds, Wealth Advisers, independent Broker-Dealers, and Family Offices. 

You may contact us at (212) 932-2094 or (917) 287-9551

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